Australian Designer Breeders 

Respectful Designer Breeding

Australian Designer Breeders was created to support breeders and their animals; and the relationship between breeders and new pet owners.

We register designer breeders, which means we support all breeds in the development of the Canine and Feline.
We are dedicated to the care of breeding animals and their offspring and we strongly believe that this involves:

Safe environments and health
Breeder Education & Protection
Code of Ethics



Verify and protect yourself as a breeder

By verifying yourself with the Australian Designer Breeders you don't need to send your sensitive information to the public. Just send them to perform a breeder check with us.

Being a registered breeder can enhance your puppy sales.

Australian customers take registered breeders seriously.

Registering as a designer breeder with us can improve your puppy sales and help you connect with serious customers.

Discounts for your genetic testing when done with Orivet

Our registered breeders have access to a great discount for genetic testing of their animals.

Access to industry leading form templates

We help our registered breeders put their best foot forward with industry leading form templates for pick up day and organised record keeping.

Advertise through us to connect to serious buyers

Australian Designer Breeders have a classifieds platform for registered breeders to advertise their litters and connect with serious buyers.

We will keep you updated with the latest news in the breeding industry

Stay in the know with relevant legislation and standards.

Become a registered breeder with the Australian Designer Breeders here.

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