Become a Registered Breeder 

Becoming a registered breeder begins with Probationary Registration.

Probationary Registration is valid for 12 months.

Once you have become a probationary registered breeder with the Australian Designer Breeders you can apply to transition to full registration at any stage. A registrant must move to a minimum of a Full Bronze Registration to continue as a registered breeder once their Probationary period is due to expire. 

Probationary registration costs $199.99 if paying in one payment; alternatively a registrant can select to pay their annual fee in 12 monthly installments of $19.99  (paying off a total of $239.88 for probationary).

Our full registration contains three levels or 'badges'. Bronze, Silver and Gold.

More information about each level can be found here.

Once your registration has been processed and approved, your details will be uploaded and you will have access to our private breeders area. 

Here you can register a litter at the press of a button, post ads and use industry leading form templates.

You will also receive your Australian Designer Breeders Registered Breeder Number.

Approval can take between 24hrs - 2 weeks depending on how long paperwork takes to process.

Pay off Monthly

- Probationary Registration -

Paid off in 12 monthly installments of $19.99 

(total of $239.88 once paid off)

Once-off Payment

- Probationary Registration -

One time payment of $199.99

(Save $39.90 by paying in one payment)