Free range /Cage free Puppies : Lhaso Aspo x Maltichon (ready 3 Feb @12 weeks)



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3 x Boys ($4500 ) and 2 x Girls ($5500)


Mother - Lhaso Apso 6.5kg, White and Golden - Photo 6
Father - Maltichon 8kg, White and Golden brown

Located in WA. Vaccinated, Microchipped and Vet Checked.
Males $4500 ; Femaes $5500
Sales to approved purchasers only - Please send through details about the puppy's proposed new home and state your experience as a dog owner along with a character reference or reference from your regular vet.
Confirm that your are aware of the Lhaso Apso breed traits.
Puppy's are only for sale to purchasers that can evidence that they will complete puppy basic training and vaccinations/vet treatments.

MALE - Photo 1
A big bumbling loved up boy. Happy, relaxed, affectionate and a big sook.
Born last of the litter he was twice the size of his siblings at 280g but was last to get get teeth and give up milk. A real mum's boy, he takes after his father in mild temperament and his mother in lush coat and Lhaso colouring. He tends to cry when he's sad and adores cuddles. Likely to grow into his big head and long body, he may be as large or larger than his dad. Loves water play.

MALE - Photo 2
Born first with a distinctive spot in his forehead and spot on his back and a curious mind. Although one of the smallest in the litter he was first to get his teeth and ready to be weaned. Bound to be the first one calmly heading out to explore new environments by himself. A bold scrapper with his much larger brother and sisters he's not afraid to charge in and doesnt complain or fuss when he's easily overpowered. Intellegent eyes will watch you, waiting to be picked up, while his siblings jump and bump into your feet, he is the most patient and controlled.

MALE - Photo 3
The fourth born, and the only pup needing help to get his first breathe in through wet lungs he was the equal smallest of the litter. Needing to be woken up to keep feeding and first to fall asleep after (or during) a feed. Now a slow careful eater and shy with the world. First to head back to safety with loud noises and strange events, and as likely to tremble and retreat as to bark at the world. Most likely to sleep resting against your foot and to lean into your chest and crawl up under your chin for the best hugs a puppy can give.

FEMALE - Photo 4
The litters clear Alpha female , always quick to charge out and give a protective bark with an independant strong termperment typical of the Lhaso breed. Super confident and the first one into action. A high energy fluff ball with the most animated eyes looking for the next adventure. First to master the doggie dog, first to learn how to climb/jump the low puppy gate and most likely to be first one to you when you call. An early and energetic jumper with a busy mouth who will need the support of good behaviour training to keep her boldness well mannered.

FEMALE - Photo 5
A relaxed well balanced natured puppy with a mature approach, often helping mum with the puppy chores. She has inherited an almost pure white coat from the Maltichon side as well as unusually shorter fur near the eyes and a thick coat. She is the prettiest face and kindest natured. Always the first to walk off at rest time and to choose a spot for the 'puppy pile' to settle down. The largest of the litter, in part due to her healthy birth weight but also her tendance not to get over excited and thus be able to focus on eating.

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Lhaso Aspo X Maltese/Bichon Frise

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