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Code of Ethics of Registrants

Requirements and Ethical Code

Breeders registered with Australian Designer Breeders Pty Ltd are required to:

  1. Download and retain a copy of their State relevant Code of Practice.

  2. Read over their State relevant legislation. Find links here.

  3. Update their registration yearly through either a vet audit or vet check of breeding animals.

  4. Pay their yearly registration fees when they fall due.

  5. No aggressive or fraudulent behaviour will be tolerated, if a pending registrant or an accepted registrant behaves in an aggressive or fraudulent manner their registration with the Australian Designer Breeders will be terminated. 

Australian Designer Breeders Pty Ltd

Code of Ethics:

1. Compliance and Legislation essentials

a) It is essential that all registrants work in compliance with their relevant State’s legislative policies and procedures relating to the ethical breeding of Dogs and Cats. By applying for registration you are agreeing to follow these requirements.

b) Ongoing breeder registration requires either an annual vet audit of breeder's breeding establishment or vet check of each breeding animal.

c) It is a requirement that all breeding animals have a microchip and are fully vaccinated.


2. Husbandry requirements

a) Adequate housing and care arrangements need to be provided to breeding animals across the varying phases of their heat/ birthing cycle. This means a nursing zone/s that is appropriate for a pupping mother to feel safe and at ease in; a run zone for regular exercise and an enclosure for dogs/ cats that is appropriate to their needs.

b) Water dishes are to be regularly cleaned and kept free from mould and debris.

c) Dogs and cats are to be feed an adequate and nutritious diet based on their age, heat / birth cycle.

d) Animals are to be kept appropriately vaccinated, groomed and free of parasites.

e) Animals require regular exercise and socialising. It is essential to give them a run and interact regularly with your animals, this means so much to their health and wellbeing and all breeders registered with Australian Designer Breeders are required to socialise their animals.

f) Euthanasia of animals is one that we take seriously. In becoming a registered breeder with us, breeders agree that 

Euthanasia of dogs may only be performed by a qualified Veterinarian in the case of:

 * Intractable behavioural problems that preclude dogs from being used for breeding or rehomed as pets.

 * Painful or life threatening health problems that detract from the dog’s quality of life.

g) Australian Designer registered breeders are responsible for rehoming owned animals in their care, euthanasia of retired animals will result in account registration being revoked.

3. Sale of Puppies & Kittens

a) Puppies and kittens must only be rehomed from 8 weeks of age. They must have received their first vaccination and microchip before sale.

b) Registrants of the Australian Designer Breeders are not to allow others to use their registered breeder number.

c) Registrants of the Australian Designer Breeders are not to sell puppies and kittens to people under the age of 18 years of age. 

d) Registrants of the Australian Designer Breeders are to provide an aftercare guide upon rehoming a puppy or kitten (we provide a template that breeders registered with the ADBC are able to use). This guide should outline requirements of new owner in regards to:

  • Feeding and access to clean water

  • Worming and parasite prevention / treatments

  • Vaccinations and desexing

  • Socialising

  • Relevant information in regards to pet ownership in relevant state i.e. registration requirements

e) ​Registrants of the Australian Designer Breeders are not to sell puppies at shows, fairs and street stalls.